About Us

Hi! Here's a little about where TCCC started.

About Us

Hi! Here's a little about where TCCC started.


Where It All Began

Since before I can remember I have had a deep and passionate love for chocolate! For those who love chocolate like I do you will understand, there is no life without chocolate, right?!

What seems like a lifetime ago when I was a Personal Trainer in Adelaide I couldn’t find a chocolate that fit my criteria of being healthy, no refined sugar and variety of tastes. So I began making my own chocolate. Soon after I was making chocolates and baked goods for clients and customers and my first Chocolate business of GorJess-Lee Organic was born. (My name is Jess & middle name Lee so it was a play on words 😂)

Fast forward to over a decade and now I live in the Gold Coast with my husband and daughter. Valuing our heath we all chose to do an anitfungal program and you guessed it, there wasn't any chocolate allowed on that program. Then the penny dropped, I could use my chocolate recipe from back yonda! As all ingredients we're allowed on the program.

Now my daughter and I make chocolate together every week. Its fast, simple and I feel the happiness in my soul of having delicious, rich, healthy chocolate readily available in the fridge.

I also feel relieved knowing my daughter can have chocolate whenever she wants, no restrictive eating and it’s healthy!

So here we were, making our chocolates and enjoying them all to ourselves, and a dear friend had a loss. Like a light bulb turning on it occurred to me that I could send her a Chocolate Kit as a condolences gift. As I got into action to make it happen the same friend shared some exciting news of a pregnancy announcement and I have to be honest, I thought, ‘This Chocolate Kit will be perfect for that too!’

And here we are, The Clean Chocolate Gift Kits and Sample Kits available.

I’m so excited to share with you our favourite chocolates and the experience of making it yourself.

I can’t wait to hear about your experience!!

I feel the happiness in my soul of having delicious, healthy chocolate readily available in the fridge

Jess Fozard

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